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19/Oct/2013,ESCOE Work Shop !!


■October 19th sat.18:00start 19:30finish For Kids(age6th-16th)
■October 24th thu.19:30-21:00 For Adults.
■Fee Member¥2000/1Lesson、Not Member \2500 / 1Lesson
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ESCOE is the embodiment of music and rhythm and has had the privilege of being around and a part of some of the most influential groups in the hip-hop community. ESCOE has been a member of Medea Sirkas aka Demons of the Mind, since 2006. They have been around since 1976 and pioneered styles such as Boogaloo, RoBoting, Struttin’, and the Fillmore style. Working in television as a dancer and choreographer as well as live shows/concerts has given ESCOE insight to performance on many levels. He has taught and performed all over the world (London, China, Korea, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Mexico, and U.S.). Teaching private classes up to large dance conventions, he wants to teach anyone who wants to learn. In the last couple years, his goal has been to spread the knowledge and legacy of his friends and people that influence or inspired him while also focusing on his music career.
ESCOE is also a recording artist and music producer. He studied music in school and is fluent in all genres and firmly believes that understanding music and rhythm is crucial for a dancer to be able to reach a high level. He plays 7 instruments, sings, raps, produces, and writes. From making the music to choreographing and getting it to the stage, ESCOE's knowledge is diverse and gives him a unique outlook on dance and teaching as well.
As a solo music artist, ESCOE just had his first couple of major shows selling out a concert with Avicii as well as his own shows. He also had the opportunity to open for Cee lo (Gnarls Barkley) and Goodie Mob and performed at the Rugby 7’s in Hong Kong for thousands. He and his team will be launching his career publicly this fall.

ESCOE will be teaching workshops and classes at TRON. The classes will explore rhythm training in different styles of street dance including, popping and all styles in the popping family (waving, boogaloo, animation, fillmore, etc), hip hop, choreography, footwork, stepping, and more. They will be a fun, eclectic, music filled exploration of movement, music, and the body. Good for all ages and all levels.

I love seeing people enjoy the life of music and dance. I think it’s important that we continue teaching and inspiring all ages.

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